Our clients have sent in thank you notes from around the world.

“It is a place where the rest of the world fades away and what I’m left with is a feeling of peace. I can pray, read, write and meditate in silence. It’s only then that I can receive the message of God and receive his full measure of grace. What a gift!”

“Comfortable, clean and peaceful location.”

“Wonderful experience! Loved it! Very comfortable and accommodating.”

“I have recommended it to friends because your cup gets filled again of God’s love and peace and you can, again, go out and help build up his kingdom.”

“Staff provides a wonderful sense of peace while administering God’s word through spiritual direction.”

“Good things happen here.”

“We are blessed to have a retreat house in Alaska.”

“It’s a nice place to have a little time to yourself and a lot of time with God.”

“Good conference facility.”

“Easier to get to than out of town, yet far enough to ‘be away’.

" Fr. Luz, Since coming to Alaska four years ago, I have made a yearly retreat at Holy Spirit Center. It has made a significant difference in my life. I will be forever grateful to you, Fr. Luz, and the staff for all you do to make the retreat a time to draw closer to God, and to look with care at the "corners" in one's life. An opportunity to be quiet, to assist at Holy Mass, for adoration and confession and private counseling, if you wish. An opportunity to be with like-minded people. To enjoy the privacy of your own room as well. The dining room and food leave nothing to be desired. I am very happy to have found this retreat center on the hillside and make more retreats in the future, God willing.  In gratitude, Bill F."